Monday, February 22, 2010


I found out that I upload pictures more than writing. So i shifted to Tumblr muahaha. Had an account since last year but used it once. Click here.

Byebye blogspot.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Occupée comme une abeille.

This week, it's just going to be such a killer week. From tomorrow, Monday till Friday, classes from 8 or 9am till 5pm. Also how can I forget, will have to attend four hours of Chemistry class every Saturday morning at 8am. And to add on, we'll be having two new subjects this week, Geometry and Electricity. And Geometry class ends at 6pm on Wednesday. Gawd, four hours of Geometry, four hours of Analyse (an exam this week), four hours of Chemistry, three hours of Electricity, three hours of Mécanique, 18 hours of french classes this week. I'm afraid of the Analyse's test this week, bet it's going to be real tough piece this time. And the fact that I've been really, really exhausted. I just need some rest. Need a break. Kitkat is not enough. And yeah, there're kitkat chocolates in France.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

La nouvelle année, les nouvelles résolutions!

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by love or joy.
Sadness is an emotion characterized by feelings of loss and helplessness.

and much more to be apart of my 2010.

Going to live up the year 2010 to the very fullest!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

What would Christmas be like?

People say there're twelve days of Christmas...really?

First day of Christmas, 251209.
The ten of us were invited by our professor, Nicole to have Christmas lunch with her family. So we met up with her and Vincent at the gare around 12.30pm. Sat their cars and off we went to a little village nearby. Met her big family, with her parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, cousins, nieces, nephews and etc. Apparently, my professor is half-Italian! So her parents spoke French in a total sexy Italian way hahaha. (I wonder how Toefl would sound when he talks in Italian) So, we had juices and small pizza tarts as starters. I was pretty hungry so I hentam down quite alot. The menu of the day was, lasagna with minced pork as l'entrée, beef steak or a freaking fish for each person as le plat principal, cheese with bread and salades as the extras, le buche de Noël which is a traditional French Christmas cake here, many types of fruits and lots of wine wine wine. I didn't drink even a sip, but someone definitely drank without caution (I hope this would not happen again, yeah?). But overall, it was fun eating and talking at the same time, catching up with the seniors. We stayed there till 7pm. Nicole liked the handbag that we got her for present! Hopefully she'll finally add another different colour to her handbags collection. She rocks la, I mean which proff is as kind as her to invite us to celebrate Christmas along with her family :D Vincent drove us back home, and I came back home...feeling hungry. Gosh when will I stop feeling hungry...

That's me with the delicious fish.

Kreshna, Shah, Danial et Shan!

 All copycat my trademark...

Le buche de Noël

Nicole et moi  :)

Going abit crazy without Vincent in the car.

Second day of Christmas, 261209.
Another professor invited us over to her house for lunch! We walked to her house, the eleven of us. Once we arrived, we gave her the present that we've got for her and hahaha we got her a bag for jungle trekking, because she looooooves jungle trekking all the time. She loved it too. *beams* And we sat in a table, like a big family, only that we all have different mothers. We had salade as l'entrée, a big turkey as le plat principal, le buche de Noël as the traditional Christmas cake in France! Along with tea, coffee and Christmas biscuits. It was my first Christmas turkey I ever had in my life, aww thanks Patricia! We played two games together and haha it was hilarious watching Patricia and her son, Arnold arguing all the way and Arnold being the Mr-Know-It-All with the questionnaires hehe. Went back around 8pm. It was fun alright. :)

Patricia with her new randonnée bag.


 Our Christmas turkey!

And I was the only girl, so the first one being served  :)

Nithes et moi.

Four types of cheeses. And they stink  :P

Le buche de Noël

Thina's first attempt to block me out from the photo. FAILED.

 With our dear proff, loves.

Thina's second attempt. SUCCESSFUL.

Danial, Shah, Amirul and Nithes.

All of us with Patricia  :) 

That was my Christmas.
How about yours?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas is finally here.

 Grow up right?

Hello there.. Out there far away back in my homeland, Merry Christmas to all of you! I'm missing you guys dearly.. Seriously, it's so weird to be celebrating Christmas this year without my very dearly missed family and my friends whom I love back in Malaysia. Every single year, I took it for granted that I would always get to celebrate it with my family, or rather my family would always be there for me. But now, being in France for my studies haha, things changed. I have to grow up, I can't be the little daughter that held on too tight on her parents, depended on them of nearly everything. Whether I like it or not, I have to grow up hahaha.

 But no matter what, Christmas is all worth to be celebrated. The birth of the most important person of my life. That is Jesus, my savior and best friend :)

Wishing all of you whom dropped by my blog,
Merry Christmas and Joyeux Noël

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Headache fever.

I've been MIA, missing in action from my blog haha. Hey y'all! I'm doing just fine here, not really feeling well due to the weird weather here. It either gets very chilly or too cold or... plain weird. Still not used to winter. Currently having my two weeks holidays till the first week of January and the crazy schedule of classes starts all over again with more new subjects. Such as Electricity, pergh. Past few days totally just lazing around and just set up my new speakers. Haha would love the subwoofer but my head seems banging the whole day, so the bass bang bang is not really my friend to my headache right now. Barely finished those homework given for the holidays. I think it's just the gloomy weather here that's making me so, lazy. Yeah, I miss the sun. Totally.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Even when the waves are coming through.

Is there anyone...
whom really understands me?
whom knows how am I feeling?
whom will just be there for me?

In this world, nothing is permanent. All will fade away and all will cost nothing in the end.
But even when the waves are coming through, I hold on to your love.
Thank you, Jesus.